Similar but Different


We fell in love with these similar but different matching outfits. The skirt or pant ensemble are perfect for a productive day followed by a well-deserved happy hour. The best part about these outfits is that you can mix and match them for more options. The wide cut of the high waisted pants paired with the rich pops of color embolden the look.

A little twin update: we are pretty excited to say that we just signed with Caroline Gleason Models in Miami. We’ve been modeling since the age of 17, so it feels great to get back into it! We also just got back from a weekend in Vegas with the rest of the BB17 cast. We’ll be posting photos of our Halloween adventures on our Facebook page soon!

Shop the look: Top, Pants, Shoes, Sunglasses, Skirt

All our twin love, xo
L + J


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  1. I love the outfits. The two of you are so stylish. Congratulations on getting signed to a modelling angency in Miami, does it mean you two will be staying there now? Good luck to all you’re trying to pursue!

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